Wedding Photography? Do you need a Professional?

Wedding Photography? do you need a professional? So, you are getting married in the Algarve and the budget is set, he wants free and easy and a good party and you want a fiery tale princess day, you can do it all on your budget though right?. Then you get the quote...

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Algarve Wedding Letters Promotional Video

Interested in getting some giant wedding Letters for you Algarve Wedding? not sure what to expect or which ones to go for, take a little look at this; Algarve Wedding Letters Promo Video from James Hardie Photography on...

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Our New Website!

Welcome to the new Algarve Wedding Directory Website, the one stop for any bride getting married in the Algarve.... if you are not advertising you are missing out on hundreds of brides looking for wedding suppliers...... Get in touch now!

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