Algarve Wedding Jewellery

Andrew Geoghegan

Andrew Geoghegan
Award-winning British jewellery designer Andrew Geoghegan, located near Lagos has been garnering a reputation for precision-designed chic since 1998. Finally the Algarve has its own resident fine jewellery designer excelling in all disciplines and forms of jewellery creation. Wedding rings, engagement rings, cufflinks and even tiaras are all part of this highly experienced designer’s portfolio and the comprehensive bespoke process is a fitting way to realise a gold or platinum piece should you desire something totally unique. Wedding rings are very much a speciality and they can be made to fit perfectly around your existing engagement ring and the style can be echoed in the man’s wedding ring also.

To make contact with Andrew please send a message in the below form, Appointments would take place at either your residence or a local hotel. The following gives some of Andrew’s history and talks about his inspirations:

Andrew’s early endeavours were not in jewellery design, but were vital to igniting that affinity with metals and his pursuit of crafted perfection. As a young sculptor, his experiments with metal would allow him to understand the characteristics and potential of this most elemental of materials. He learned how to manipulate and direct it, and how to marry it with other precious materials. This unorthodox background is part of what makes an Andrew Geoghegan piece distinctive – there’s clear empathy for the relationships between materials, his work unifying the practice of art and manufacturing craft. Pieces take a sculptural form, and flights of imaginations could easily rescale and place them in the courtyard of the Royal Academy or the lobby of Le Louvre. Art is always part of the process and final piece – a unique ‘artful engineering’ that yields seductive beauty, endurance and distinction.