Toni Elizabeth

Toni Elizabeth
Toni Elizabeth started singing from a very young age all be it secretly. Toni would often sing along to many different styles of music when her parents were out of the house. It was only when Toni was 11 that she gave a slight hint to her family she could sing, when she was picked to sing `Promise Me`by Beverley Craven in a school concert. Toni has always loved music and studied a course called `Access to Music`at Redbridge College where she gained a BTEC National Diploma with distinctions in Music Technology and Music Business. Even whilst at College Toni did not allow anyone to hear her voice unless forced upon her and concentrated more on composing and producing music.

Over the years Toni gained more confidence and in 2009 started to host karaoke for a local bar in the Algarve where she currently resides. Toni would often sing the usual karaoke songs, like Simply the Best and other well known pop / Rock songs but kept her love of singing classical, films and musicals to herself.