Wedding Photography? do you need a professional?

So, you are getting married in the Algarve and the budget is set, he wants free and easy and a good party and you want a fiery tale princess day, you can do it all on your budget though right?. Then you get the quote from your dream venue… ouch! really, that much? yes it is, there are a lot of mouths to feed and don’t forget the bar is on top of that fee, then there is the legals, flowers, dress, suits, the list goes on….. OK, you decide to cut back on somethings, but your really want the entertainment, the open bar, the cake, it does not matter that no one will eat it, but the bigger the better, lets also spend a few hundred extra on decor, after all you want the reception looking awesome! so thats when the brain wave hits you that you can either A, get a friend to photograph your wedding or B, just get the photographer to shoot the ceremony, after all everyone has iPhones right?…… Wrong!

After your venue the next priority on your list should be a good photographer and this is why…

You have spent probably over a year planning, saving and dreaming of this day, it needs to be captured and reordered by a professional that knows how weddings work and will know what to capture.

Many brides experience a “come down” after the big day, all of that time, effort and expense the day will come and go in a blink of an eye, there is nothing left but a wedding dress and a hangover, at least you will have the professional photographs, an album or even a video to look forward to, photography is the one service where you will receive a product after your wedding day that will stay with you forever.

You will receive images of things you never even knew happened, your guests having fun, a look between you and your new husband, the dance with your father or mother and the detail like favours, the food and the decor… moments and details that would have been lost forever if it was not for your photographer.

A good photographer:

Is more then a person capturing your day, he/she will be with you from the beginning right through till the end, they will share the fun, the nerves and the tears with you and will be a constant companion that will be by your side throughout the day, they will not be in your face, but when you have a question like, “what side does my dad stand on to walk me down the aisle?” “where shall I cut the cake?” the only person normally by your side is your photographer and they will guide and reassure you.

Friends and family can not be trusted to capture your special day, they are your guests first, even if uncle Bob claims to be into photography they can not know what to expect at a wedding, especially a destination wedding, your professional photographer would have done many and has no doubt shot at your location before and will know all the best locations for photographs as well as sunset and tide times, they will also have backup cameras and be focused 100% on capturing images of your day.

Your photography is an investment,

Like already stated its the one physical thing you will have left after your big day, invest wisely, the cheapest is not always the best option. check out their portfolio, reviews and google them, above all you must like their style of work, don’t ask a photographer to shoot in your taste, book a photographer because of their style, he/she will feel more comfortable having full creative control and you will get better results if the photographer can shoot their own way.

Although a good photographer will never stray from their style of shooting they will always be open to suggestions and ideas, a good photographer will want to work together with their client to create beautiful images.

Book well in advance. As soon as you have your date and venue look for your photographer as many of the good ones are booked up to two years in advance.

Can’t afford an Album?

Most photographers will keep your images on file for years to come and this can always be purchased once you have recovered from the expense of the wedding, or why not ask your guests for vouchers from your photographer as a wedding gift, that way you can get the album and/or prints after your big day.

Don’t leave your wedding photography to chance or even as a low level priority, even if you don’t like having your photograph taken documenting your wedding day is one of the most important and must have options on your list, time passes quickly and your wedding images should be there to be enjoyed not only by you but your children and the generations to follow.

Check out the Algarve Wedding directory for your Algarve wedding photographer.


All Images used with permission from James Hardie photography