It’s Wedding Party Time!

In addition to the compliments, the champagne, and the pour-in of love following an engagement – being showered as a bride and as a couple is another amazing perk of getting married. It all sounds great, right? But all of this partying can get a bit overwhelming is you aren’t sure what’s expected of you or what you’re responsible for.

Well, today is your lucky day because I have the inside scoop on all things wedding party etiquette. I’ve teamed up with Basic Invite, an online stationery design company, to give you all the details on wedding party and wedding party invitations. It turns out celebrations leading up to the main event are a huge part of the wedding itself. That means a lot of plans and a lot of partying! Here’s what you and your wedding party will need to think of.

What’s on YOU?

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and anything extra… that’s on you!

Rehearsal dinner parties are essentially part of the wedding so between the bride and the groom one of those families should take care of this. It’s proper wedding etiquette for the groom’s family to throw the rehearsal dinner, but make sure your wedding party is shown gratitude for helping out along the way!

Anything extra or not so serious such as a day at the spa pre-wedding or a weekend trip with the girls (or guys) should always be covered by the bride or groom. Always be sure to treat your loved ones to some fun along the way!

What’s on THEM?

Engagement parties, showers, and anniversaries… that’s on them!

When it comes to the seriousness and true meaning of marriage it’s the intimate moments that really count. Those are the small gatherings with family where everyone gets dressed in their best and dines like royalty. What falls into this category? Engagement parties, bridal or couple’s showers, and surprise anniversary parties.

So, if you are part of the wedding party, take the responsibility of throwing showers and surprise parties like engagements or anniversaries upon yourselves. Family should take care of the fancier side of things and close friends should be responsible for the less formal gatherings. Anything that won’t take quite as much planning or funds because you may be the bride, but keep in mind that your bridesmaids have things on their own plate!

No matter the role you play in the wedding pull your weight and support when and where you can. And no matter the event head over to Basic Invite for all of your wedding party invitations and stationery needs! They have rehearsal dinner invitations, customized bridal shower invitations, engagement cards, and so much more!

Many times, your bride or groom will surprise you with special gifts and you may do the same for them. Keep in mind the small moments that matter and that it’s always the thought that counts.

If you are looking to plan a wedding party and using Basic Invite as your invitation station don’t forget to use code 15FF51 for 15% off everything! Have fun partying!

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