We booked this band to play at our wedding reception this year and they were brilliant! They were so dynamic it was quite a windy night and they brought the party inside and got everyone up dancing – our wedding would not have been the same without them. People requested songs and they just started singing them! So professional and friendly they really couldn’t do enough for us! One of our wedding highlights!

Fiona | 8th July 2018

These guys are great! Played at our wedding in May. They made the day so special, everyone loved them and they got everyone up having fun! Would highly recommend to anyone who loves good music and having a fun night!

Janine | 16th June 2018

You couldn’t get a better band for your big day.Have been to Portugal for the last 5 years on hols.We go for two things,Sun and The Guinness Brothers. The lads are on top of their game night after night . Their energy knows no bounds .Must be the Guinness. We’re going back in May so looking forward to seeing the lads in action. Might even renew the vows AGAIN to the strains of I don’t want to talk about it.!!

Rory and Susanne | 25th January 2018

The Guinness Brothers are longtime favorites in the pub and special event scene in my hometown of Pensacola, Florida. Gifted musicians and incredibly friendly, I would recommend them not only for weddings but almost any social gathering. They can be delightfully irreverant and incredibly poignant; they are very experienced in reading the audience and making sure everyone feels included and is having a good time. They are well versed in both traditional and contemporary music and, in my experience, can rise to any mood or occasion. In short, 5 stars, pure class.

Cole | 19th January 2018

These guys are Awesome! Cant wait to have them back again for my 50th Birthday celebrations!!!

JIM | 18th January 2018

Great band, very entertaining and fantastic crowd interaction. 100%

Tommy g | 18th January 2018

Fantastic craic!! Fabulous musicians and entertainers. Second to none! Look forward to seeing them again.

Hayles | 18th January 2018

Fantastic guys, have heard them quiet a few times and even I sing along (much to my friends displeasure) they are simply the best with their singing, their music and the Craic with them is mighty!

Trish | 18th January 2018

These guys are fantastic. They play at our 5K run for nearly 16,000 ppl and sing at our pubs 3-4 times per year. I reccommend them highly. Pure talent.

PERRY HUNTER | 18th January 2018

These guys are absolutely incredible. One of the best bands live & so much fun include the full crowd. Couldn’t recommend them anymore! So talented on their instruments too. Been going to algarve for 18 years and they are my absolute favourite!

Hannah & Jamie (Glasgow) | 18th January 2018

its all been said!! its so very true,they make an old lady like myself want to sing and dance,amazing guysxxxx

mary margaret romans | 18th January 2018

You won’t find a better set of entertainers in the world. Their one of kind style and sound are second to none! The comedic tone they have will have your guests laughing, dancing and singing the night away. Colm and Roddy are the best! SLAINTE!

Jason and Tiffany Brewer | 17th January 2018

Why are you reading this review when you can have them? These guys are the only option for starting off your life together right. Ask them about their favorite moose.

ABSOBLOODYLUTELY | 17th January 2018

Fab fab fab !!! Highly recommend even hop it to island to see them again, they played at our wedding in Portugal, really nice guys and very talented 🙂

Emma and ian | 17th January 2018

Seen these guys sooooo many times. They make me want to divorce my wife so I can re-marry & have them as my wedding band.

John Paul McNugget | 17th January 2018

Fantastic band.. I’ve seen them in Portugal the last 3-4 years
At the end of day your kind of winding down and getting tired
Then you hear these guys playing
You have to go in
The place is always full when they are playing
Music and singing is amazing
The crack is 90.. they always get the crowd going.. you’ll leave their gig full of energy and a smile on your face.. best band out there

Jackie Grufferty Byrne | 17th January 2018

Great band, brilliant entertainers, we have been using them for weddings in Portugal for years now. Couldn’t recommend them enough!!

Jean | 17th January 2018

This group brings in the crowds with their fantastic set of irish and current songs, they include the crowd and with their likability as 2 youthful good looking guys will bring the house down at any wedding…

blondeshedevil | 17th January 2018

Great band
Have been following them for years
Looking forward to seeing them in 2 weeks time

Julie Burley | 17th January 2018

Fantastic high energy band great at getting any party started from the minute they pick up their guitars. Best band to hit the Algarve ever. Anyone who gets the chance to go to see these funny and entertaining lads in action will be guaranteed a fantastic night out.

Wendy | 17th January 2018

These guys invited me up on stage to play. So professional, so much fun. The craic was had. A fun band with a good sound that can play everything well. Name the song. They have it. Thank you so much for a magical night. Great people, great fun, great music. What more do you want?

Diarmuid Sutton | 17th January 2018

Absolute legends!! Seen them in the Algarve twice and they are definitely a key reason that brings me back!love their lively, fun loving attitudes and pure talent! Can’t wait to see them again!!

Aoife | 16th January 2018

They are a wonderful band! We often travel to Pensacola (from SC) when they are in town because we enjoy their show/music that much! I would def recommend them to anyone for any occasion!

Rachael Redwine | 16th January 2018

We have seen this band in Portugal for several years and we are looking forward to going to see them again this year in may. The crowd participation is hillarious and their music just brilliant. We like them so much we are hoping to book them for our wedding in portugal in 2020

Dawn magee | 16th January 2018

A brilliant night out is guaranteed with these guys Great music and great craic from excellent musicians and performer’s . I’d go all the way back to Portugal just to hear them again

Steven | 16th January 2018

Always make a point of seeing these guys when in Portugal. Always a top night with a fantastic craic…. has been know to join in a rendition of Sweet Caroline! highly recommend, absolutely love them…. “The more you drink the better they sound” …. but they so7nd damn good sober so make your own judgement …. see you in 2018 Guys

Ian Elliott | 16th January 2018

Absolutely amazing, really entertaining with great voices, had many a great evening listening to them in the old town. Best be there for my stag in May and if you fancy a trip to Cornwall in June for our wedding would love to have you . Keep up the entertainment boys , you are brilliant

Dave & nikki | 16th January 2018

These guys are amazing, seen them 2 years running in Villamoura and looking forward to summer 2018 for visit number 3…. gets crowd going from the start and so talented. Always a fab night out when these guys are playing x

Karen | 16th January 2018

I’ve seen the boys in at least 200 occasions in the past 10 years. They offer plenty of entertainment and are excellent musicians. I cannot simply recommend them because I strongly recommend them. If you are in southern Portugal, or wherever the heck they are, go stop by and grab a Guinness (*Spoiler Alert: be sure to drink with your left hand) and enjoy the craic!

Andrew/NY | 16th January 2018

We go over twice a year or more and we always go to hear them in o Shea’s and o neills great crack x

Grainne o Connor | 16th January 2018

They have been to Pensacola at McGuire’s now for several years. They come a few times a year. These guys are fantastic! Great singers, great entertainers. They know how to keep the crowd entertained and interacting. They are funny and professional. You will love them!

Love this Band | 16th January 2018

My favorite time of year is when The Guinness Brothers come to Pensacola!!! So entertaining and fun!! They get everyone involved and singing and on their feet!! We all LOVE THEM!!!!

Natalie | 16th January 2018

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