Why does my DJ matter for my Algarve Wedding?

The Algarve DJ you choose can sometimes be just as important as the venue you choose to marry in or the wedding planner you choose to assist you organising and arranging your special day. They are the people who will ensure your entrance brings a tear to the eyes and a smile to the faces of your guests with that perfectly timed song as you walk down the aisle or the master of ceremony who announces your arrival at your reception.

Your DJ is not always just a DJ, they are sound technicians, comedians and the ever-flowing font of music knowledge that keeps your guests engaged and entertained from the minute they first press play. They are the people who will play your music for you, when you want it.

Algarve DJ

Having that professional there can ensure the timings of your big day happen when they need to happen and time is filled if you need that extra couple of minutes to get your dress just right or wipe that tear of joy from your eye.

DJ companies can provide you with some of the essential elements of your big day, especially here in the Algarve. Getting married on the coast has its own range of little problems, like the soothing sound of the sea rolling against the rocks or the wind catching the bows on your chairs… all of this sound could stop your guests sharing those all-important special words… I do! Therefore, many of the companies on the Algarve offer additional sound systems specifically for your ceremony. It is not a money-making idea, but a sometimes-essential part of your big day and something for you to consider.

What about your venue? Are you having your reception outdoors? Is the room you are using illuminated to compliment your colours or even just lighted enough for your reception? Your DJ is one of the people who will be able to provide great lighting effects where ever you choose to get married. Whether it is up-lighting for the amazing Algarvian trees or a beautiful wedding monogram lighting the walls in a ballroom, your DJ is the person to make this just right.

Algarve DJ

Now… for the important part… Music! Your DJ is there to provide entertainment for you and your guests. This is something you should be involved in choosing even before you book. A DJ can make or break your evening reception with the songs they choose to play and the type of DJ you choose should be the one who can play the music you and your guest like. Have you asked yours how they deal with song requests from your guests? Having a DJ who is responsive and involved with your planning and your party is the best way to end the first day as a married couple.

Algarve DJ

In the wedding industry, you always get a wide range of DJ’s offering services to those on a budget to those looking for something more extravagant and it is very important you know what you are getting before you book. Don’t take what you see at face value, ask questions, make sure you are making the right choice for you as a couple.

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